Company History

Poultry processor W. van der Meer en Zonen B.V.: a company with a history…since-1935

In 1935, the building in which the poultry processor is currently housed, was purchased by Wytse van der Meer, the company’s founder. Initially, he specialised in the trade in wool producing cattle, poultry and rabbits, but soon chickens were eviscerated and the brand name WMD (Wytse van der Meer Dronrijp) came into being.

Despite several interruptions, such as the fowl pest in 1947 and the bird flu in 2003 and 2014, the family business has been able to expand into what it is today: a modern factory in which 42 persons with the right expertise ensure the high quality of our end product: the boiling-hen.


Each week, approx. 125,000 laying hens are slaughtered, the bulk of which is exported.

The brand name WMD can still be found on the chicken bags of our home brand:

Poly bag with our brand name ‘WMD’








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