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Quality system

Quality system according FSSC 22000

In our company, quality and food safety have been central ever since we started. To ensure the quality of our products, resulting in satisfied customers and secured continuity, our quality system has been certified for the FSSC 22000 standard.

Since 2009, W. van der Meer en Zonen B.V. has had a quality management system based on the ISO22000 standard. Since September 2017 we have implemented the “Basic conditions” from the Prerequisite programmes from the ISO TS 22002-1:2009 on food safety part 1 Food manufacturing and al the conditions regarding FSSC22000.

Our quality system is constantly subject to change.

All the tasks and responsibilities of all our permanent employees are described in clear procedures and instructions, both in text and flowcharts. There are job descriptions for each function. Important actions are explained using photos.
Our quality system is constantly subject to change. Our quality manager (food technologist with a higher professional degree) is responsible for the planning, execution and for monitoring, registering and, if necessary, adjusting all the process parameters. The quality system (the theory) is tested against daily practice through proposals for improvement, internal audits and half-yearly review meetings. This results in a continuous process of improvement of the total quality of W. van der Meer en ZonenB.V..

A satisfied customer is our aim.

Our quality system not only guarantees food safety and product quality, but by working with a documented quality system we have also succeeded in guaranteeing safe working through a fully integrated safety system (working conditions).
A satisfied customer is our aim. With the continuous process of improvement described above and by monitoring new developments in the market, legal requirements and registration of our shortcomings, we get all the information required to continuously optimize our quality system. Consequently, we can ensure that our products fully meet your wishes as a customer thanks to our quality system.

Click here to download our up-to-date FSSC 22000 Certificate English (PDF)

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