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Cooking Tip

Cooking Tip

Hygiene advice and cooking tip regarding boiling-hen products

It can be considered a generally known fact that our meat (boiling hen) must be thoroughly cooked and that it is possible that it contains something that you’d rather not eat. Despite all the hygiene measures taken during the slaughter process, a laying hen still remains a natural product, as older chickens are less uniform and more difficult to process. Our slaughter process has been arranged to reduce any contamination to a minimum. A laying hen, often accommodated in an alternative way, may pick up various things due to its natural behaviour. As a result, it may be that a boiling-hen is not completely free from, for instance, small pieces of eggshell or grit. To make the boiling-hen taste even better, we advise you to check it prior to cooking and rinse/wash it thoroughly and after cooking the hen in plenty of water for two hours, peel it off or sieve or sift the broth. Skim any froth caused by egg white at the start of the cooking process and add soup vegetables last.

Enjoy your meal!

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